Token gating is a way of controlling access to content by using tokens (fungible or NFT) on a blockchain. This method allows content creators to set a price for their content and only allow access to people that own the required token(s).
Benefit #1 - Monetization
One of the main benefits of token gating is that it allows content creators to monetize their work. This means more control over revenue streams for creators who produce high-quality content.
With token gating, creators earn each time someone purchases an access token. This predictability can be a significant advantage for creators looking to build sustainable businesses.
By allowing smaller creators to set their own prices and control access to their content, token gating can level the playing field and provide a good source of income for independent content creators. Read More
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Benefit #2 - Higher Standards
Token gating can also help to improve the quality of content. By setting a price for access to content, creators are incentivized to put more effort into their work, resulting in higher-quality content.
Benefit #3 - Engaged Community
Token gating can also create a sense of community among people interested in a particular type of content. Anyone purchasing and collecting tokens to access content, is likely invested in the content and its creators. This can lead to deeper engagment.
By allowing content creators to monetize their work, and improving the overall quality of work, token gating can help to create a more vibrant and dynamic community.