Frequently Answered Questions
What is danky.xyz?
A collector-focused content hub; a web3 extension of danky.art.
What are EXTERNAL DRiVE tokens?
EXTERNAL DRiVES are content access tokens (NFTs) from CONNiE DiGiTAL. Each EXTERNAL DRiVE unlocks exclusive access to token gated content on danky.xyz. Connected wallet must own at least 1 EXTERNAL DRiVE.
What is token gated content?
Content that requires the ownership of a particular token to access. Upon signing-in, danky.xyz checks to see if the connected wallet owns a specific token, once ownership is verified, gated content can be accessed.
Why use token gates?
Token gating enables a variety of use cases because anything digital can be gated. It helps monetize any content by requiring ownership of a particular token for access. Token owners benefit by getting preferential access. Learn More
Which blockchain do EXTERNAL DRiVE tokens exist?
EXTERNAL DRiVES are minted using the Ethereum ERC-721 token standard.A token standard is a set of rules and guidelines that define how a particular type of token should be created and used on a blockchain network. In the case of Ethereum, there are different token standards to choose from, including ERC-20, ERC-721, and others. ERC-721 is a non-fungible token (NFT) standard. This means that each token is unique and cannot be replaced with another token. ERC-721 tokens represent unique digital assets, such as virtual real estate, event tickets, or digital art.
How are tokens issued?
EXTERNAL DRiVES are currently minted and distributed at the discretion of CONNiE DiGiTAL. Some tokens may be issued as giveaways, others may be airdropped as collector rewards.
What are CD DRiVE (Drive.v1) tokens?
CD DRiVE (Drive.v1) NFTs are from September 2022 and are the first EXTERNAL DRiVE tokens issued. These drives are animated, blue in color and have a limited supply of 60 tokens (TokenIDs #1-60). Distributed to original collectors of Digital CD.v1 and required to access the CD PLAYER.
Are EXTERNAL DRiVE tokens stored on-chain?
Yes, the artwork is on-chain thanks to Arweave (a blockchain dedicated to storing and distributing content). Additionally, the data for the art lives on Arweave and the token itself lives on Ethereum.
Is there a creator fee for reselling EXTERNAL DRiVE tokens?
Yes - 10% on-chain royalty. (See  Royalty Registry)